It’ll Be An Adventure, lululemon.

Right, off the start, big news. I’ve taken a position as a 3D print specialist in R&D at lululemon. To tell the truth, while contemplating how to set the tone of this post, I wasn’t quite sure how. Three sayings kept coming to mind; each a part of a larger, ever-growing list I keep tucked away on the notepad in …


It’ll Be An Adventure, Likely.

Last week, I got to spend Monday-Friday building two BQ Hephestos Prusa i3 printers in the town of Likely, BC. For those of you who don’t know where that is, here’s a map: It’s only a little ways off Highway 97 in BC. The Two Rivers Gallery, and Likely-Xat’súll Community Forest partnered up to put this project together, and Vector …


7 Functional Things Done By Our 3D Printers in Prince George

Lots of people are surprised to find people working with 3D printers in Prince George. We hear a lot about the crazy things being made with printers around the world, and they’re always being brought up whenever I talk to anyone about what I do and the technology. It’s always about bio-printing organs, or metal printing airplane parts, and it’s …


How The West Was Fun: Technology Integration In Vanderhoof

Yesterday was a big day for the advancement of VF in terms of our goal make additive manufacturing technology accessible to the people. We did our very first 3D technology integration and training session with the users of the Men Shed, a multipurpose maker space located in the geographical centre of British Columbia know by most as Vanderhoof. Before the …


Fan Con 2015 Aftermath

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were definitely the craziest days I’ve had in a while. For those of you who didn’t make it down to the CN Centre this past weekend, Vector Finesse was one of many exhibitors posted up for Northern Fan Con. This was the inaugural annual showcase of everything sci-fi and fantasy, and here’s the story of …


Why start 3D printing in Prince George?

I get told by a lot of various people I meet throughout my travels that I should be running this business in a different place. Most people think I should be in a bigger centre like Vancouver or at the very least Kelowna. I don’t know about them, but here are five reasons I started 3D printing in Prince George.


5 Common Things People Get Wrong About 3D Printing

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding 3D printing in the media, so we decided to get everyone on the same page and clear some things up. These are the top five things people get wrong about 3D printing: 1) Weapons You have no idea how many times we’ve been asked the following questions: Have you heard about 3D printed …


#VectorsAdventures: “The Beginning”

If you haven’t seen our Instagram or Twitter pages as of late, we’ve finally bestowed a name upon our robot mascot. From now on he will be called Vector, well at least until we can come up with an awesome middle and last name (we’re open to suggestions). But that’s not important, what is important is he loves to go …

Large pile of 3D printed robots

4 Reasons We Should Put 3D Printers In High Schools

All over the US and Canada, 3D printers are becoming a common sight in high school and college classrooms, but to someone not familiar with the technology we continuously return to the age old question of why? Why is it a big deal? Why should we give a highly tuned piece of manufacturing technology to kids who are just learning …


“Will It Print Wednesday” Ep. 02

This past month we did a little more experimentation with our “Will It Print Wednesday” video series, we decided to try to print a Mid Bottom Bracket for a BMX derived from Emmett‘s gear bearings found here: Gear bearings are a great representation of many of the advantages of 3D printing, such as: the ability to make a full …